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Investing in the Future

ITP Group invests in companies with significant growth potential which can create value. ITP’s investments are spread over a variety of sectors including Real -Estate- commercial and residential, wireless communication, medical and in high-tech startups. ITP diversifies its portfolio geographically and Sectoral. As an equity-financed independent company it takes over projects and implements them in different risk phases. ITP Group also relies on cooperation with large international corporations and forms the interface within the risk profile of early phase investments.

ITP invests in both seed growth phases of technology companies. ITP thrives to build a portfolio of diversified companies. ITP offers financial resources, strategic and operational support, as well as access to an international network and capital markets.

ITP invests in visionary people and solutions that leverage opportunities in converging sectors. Many factors contribute to building successful ventures but for us, the key parameters are the management team, the market potential, impact on the industry and strategic landscape. When we invest in a company, we become long term partners. 

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